Brent McClure is not a typical CPA. He is a visionary, a change agent, and paradigm breaker for the business world across multiple verticals. Brent, in essence, grew up in his family grocery store and took a love of business from an early age and turned it into his future.

Brent is a business and motivational speaker who offers talks about how to improve strategy, business models, team management, scaling-up or related topics, based on his past experience or new practices.  He has delivered over 100 talks and counting. 

His thought-provoking presentations are informative, engaging, and entertaining. He offers financial research and experience as well as stories from the business world, attention-grabbing visuals, and one-liners that help the attendees retain significant portions for reflection.

Brent’s talks and speaker topics are aimed at improving sales, marketing, operations, leadership, strategy, finance, innovation and other aspects of your business, helping to create more profitable enterprises.

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Examples of Speaking Topics:

  • What is Leadership & how are you performing?
  • 5 ways to lead in this constant change era
  • Change doesn't have to be hard
  • How to remain Profitable through 2020 and beyond
  • Simple ways of Improving your business performance