Is your accounting department stuck in the back office?

The financial and accounting functions are shifting from the back office to main stage with the development of online reporting tools and advances in software. Imagine a true real-time view into the numbers or better yet a job’s performance or even the hours worked by shift or day. 

How many times have you said the following? …We keep losing money on the larger jobs… or …..I can’t believe it ended up costing that much…     With real time reports that consistently produce accurate numbers and information, you don’t have to keep losing money. Obviously, this can be a huge impact to businesses. 

These tools provide business owners and leaders with new opportunities as well as avoidance of risks to the bottom line. The information can be customized for the user (i.e., Project Manager, Sales, CEO). Consequently, accounting and finance leaders can become a great strategic partner to the overall business. 

Accounting isn’t just reporting on historical results anymore. If you view the accounting department as simply a back-office overhead, then you are missing out on possibly a more efficient and profitable business. 

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