8 Valuable Leadership Traits

Leaders certainly come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and from varied backgrounds. The tribe or your people will identify you as a leader, it is not simply a title you bestow upon yourself.

So what is leadership?

John Kotter says, leadership is about setting a direction. It’s about creating a vision, empowering and inspiring people to want to achieve the vision, and enabling them to do so with energy and speed through an effective strategy. In its most basic sense, leadership is about mobilizing a group of people to jump into a better future.

We find certain traits of people help them become leaders. This list is not all encompassing or absolute. However, if you have these traits you may have a natural edge when facing leadership responsibilities.

  1. Drive - successful leaders have high energy, display initiative, & are tenacious.
  2. Self-confidence - successful leaders trust themselves & have confidence in their abilities.
  3. Creativity - successful leaders are creative & original in their thinking.
  4. Cognitive ability - they have the intelligence to integrate and interpret information.
  5. Business knowledge - successful leaders know their industry & its technical foundations.
  6. Motivation - successful leaders enjoy influencing others to achieve shared goals.
  7. Flexibility - they adapt to fit the needs of followers and demands of situations.
  8. Honesty and integrity - they are trustworthy; honest, predictable, & dependable.

Reflect upon those leaders around you or reflect internally and think about these traits as they may apply.

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